Arab American Club, LI

The idea of the Arab American Association became envisioned amongst just a small group of friends. We wanted to expand our group and bring together a larger, more united group of Arabs on the New York Tech campus. Unfortunately, Arabs do not get a great representation in the many forms of media common today. There are numerous stereotypes which define our beautiful culture ostracizing Arabs from the main group society. With our organization we hope to start by teaching the individuals around us about our marvelous culture. 

From its food to its music the Arab culture is not only intriguing but the numerous in that it varies from country to country. No two nations have exactly identical customs regardless of being in the vicinity of the same region. Different dialects and kitchens is what makes the Arab culture even more unique in its nature. We plan to host numerous events in order to bring our Arab community together while integrating those individuals of every background. Inviting guest speakers which will speak about their achievements and distraught while attempting to be “successful” in this country as an Arab-American will be just one of our many events. Other events will include hosting Calligraphy Nights and other events in association with other ethnic organizations on campus. We can’t wait to see what this semester has in store for us and hope to meet all you guys soon!

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Catherine Istafanos
Vice President
Gina Nagib
Leyla Nasr
Mariam Zahran
Halina Diener
Maheen Umer