Bengali Students Association, LI

The Bengali Students Association is a non-profit organization that focuses on academics and culture. It is dedicated to highlighting the diversity of Bengali culture. Our events aim to raise understanding of Bengali traditions, both native to the subcontinent and in the diaspora, investigate challenges affecting the region as it expands its global footprint, and develop a feeling of community among Bengalis at New York Tech. We are excited to plan and host cultural events for the Bengali New Year, International Mother Language Day, and other historically significant days for Bangladeshi students. All students who identify with this cultural identity or want to learn more about Bengali culture in general are welcome to join the organization. We aim to provide our members the feelings of having an extended family and a dependable support system while living thousands miles away from home. 


  • To promote awareness and appreciation of Bangladesh in the community through events and social gatherings 

  • Provide a platform for the Bangladeshi students at the University to have an opportunity to share their language and culture with others of similar background 

  • Offer assistance with adjusting to University life for incoming Bangladeshi students 

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There are currently no scheduled events for Bengali Students Association, LI


Nazia Rahman
Vice President
Sumayyah Muhit
Muhammad Abdullah
Fatima Lakhana
Subaita Almobin