Graduate Student Association, NYC

The purpose of the Graduate Student Association (GSA) is to be there to respond and resolve, to the best of its ability, those issues or concerns that are expressed by graduate students of New York Institute of Technology - New York City campus. The GSA, through its elected representatives, promotes the best possible graduate student experience at New York Tech through building community, providing opportunities to help students develop their career pathways, and supporting the needs and priorities of graduate students across the campus. The three main forms of aid the GSA provides include the following: 

  1. Advocacy - Promoting better communication among graduate students, the faculty, and the administration
  2. Events & Programs - Developing programs and initiatives of professional, intellectual, cultural, social, and recreational enrichment for graduate students. - Provide activities and services that will assist students in their graduate and post-graduate work. 
  3. Professional Development Opportunities - Provide graduate students with funding for various conferences and professional development workshops.

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