Student Government Association, NYC

Recruitment Day

Date / Time: Thursday, December 02 12:45 pm to 2:10 pm

Campus: New York City (Manhattan)
Building: 26 West 61st Street
Room Number: 011
Each club/organization will require its own table/booth at which interested students can sit down and inquire about their club/organization. Students will be able to move from table to table to ask questions and learn about the soon-to-be clubs/organizations present. So, a large open space with tables, such as the auditorium or a lounge area would be preferable.

This event is meant to highlight clubs/organizations still in the process of completing registration to achieve official NYC SGA recognition and become part of our leadership body. Here, students will be able to engage with student leaders in the advertisement of their soon-to-be new clubs/orgs through a "speed-dating" activity (with prizes) to aid registering clubs/orgs in recruiting potentially interested members to their general body and/or executive board.